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Testimonials for Dr. Miki Zlatanovski

I was under Dr Miki’s care for many years in Lasalle and he was always, exceptional. Not only a Dentist, but a friend, always smiling. He has now moved on downtown, and I will miss him dearly. Highly recommended.

~ S Brown, Lasalle

Dr. Miki is an amazing doctor, he takes care of my entire family. He listens well, explains well and is very efficient. Very good dentist.

~ RateMD

Dr. Miki is a very caring and knowledgeable dentist. He really listened to the concerns I had for my tooth. Unlike others, he actually spent the necessary time to explain to me the issues I had with my tooth, and then the necessary procedure to be completed. I was treated like a person and Dr. Miki gave me all the attention and time needed. I will recommend Dr. Miki to my friends and family at any time.

~ RateMD

Very good doctor. because of that, it is very hard to make an appointment with him. he is very busy.

~ RateMD


~ RateMD

Very good dentist.


Very good dentist, attentive and patient. Made sure that I understood the procedure well. Did not rush at all, and gave me his full attention. Very good with anaesthetics, did not feel the needle at all.


Very very friendly and responsible doctor , very carefully doing his job. I recommend everyone to visit his office you will not regret. All the best Dr Miki

~ Branka

Dr. Miki is the best dentist I ever had. He is very knowledgeable, professional, always punctual, nice personality, very polite and kind, bilingual, always in a good mood and with a good sense of humour, which helps a lot when your visit your dentist. I highly recommend Dr. Miki.

~ Francine Poirier

Dr Miki has been our dentist for many years. Caring and reassuring during procedures with my kids and with us as well. Excellent dentist.

~Ana B


Testimonials for Dr. Joanne C. Walford

Dr.Joanne Walford is an outstanding Dentist. I have been going there for years and was also a patient of her predecessor and uncle, Dr. Wally Walford who was equally outstanding. She is very personable, meticulous, totally patient-oriented, and highly knowledgeable. Her whole team reflects those very qualities and values.

~ Rate MD

After several traumatic years with dentists, I have finally found the best team the city has to offer. Dr. Walford is knowlegeable, gentle, empathetic, and attentive. And each member of her team, from the reception to her assistants, are wonderful.

~ Rate MD

I’ve been going to her dental office all my life, and all I can say is how happy I am with my teeth. She’s a wonderful dentist, and her staff is always welcoming and kind – the first thing you get when you walk in is a friendly “hello” by her secretaries. Dr. Walford is gentle and thorough and is incredibly knowledgeable. Overall a great experience, you almost forget you’re in a dental office!

~ Rate MD

The problem is there’s only 5 out of 5. I’m going with a 6 anyway. I went for years to another dentist who was amazing but unfortunately died young. Spent 10 years looking for the right dentist til found Dr. Walford. Had to do several fillings. Asked when the drill would go deep enough to feel it and she answered “already finished drilling”. I never felt a thing. 3 cavities and not a nanosecond of pain. Even the needle – felt NOTHING! It came out and I couldn’t believe she had already finished. No joke, Dr. Walford is really fantastic. I am so happy I found her and have no fear whatsoever of visits to the dentist. Highest recommendation, and no, we’re NOT related!

~ Rate MD

The dentist that I went to for almost 35 years retired. I went to the new dentist that he recommended, but wasn’t comfortable with him. I had heard lots of accolades about Dr. Walford, and decided to change. Dr. Walford is always upgrading her learning and techniques, and has a wall full of awards and certificates to that effect. She has a delicate touch, and is very meticulous when it comes to procedures, regardless of whether or not they are simple or complex. She also will listen to your concerns and find solutions to help you. It’s a real worry-free session when ever I see Dr. Walford and here exceptional staff every time.

~ Rate MD

The BEST ! and I’ve seen my share of dentist over the years.

~ Rate MD

Dr Walford has been my dentist for many years. Always a pleasure to see her and her staff, excellent care.

~ Rate MD

Dr. Walford helped me to overcome a huge phobia about dentists. She is gentle, knowledgeable, and very reassuring with her patients — especially sniveling cowards like me. She discovered that the anesthetic commonly used in dental procedures doesn’t work well on me. No wonder I had such awful pain. It wasn’t all in my head after all. Joanne. This dentist took the time to find an anesthetic that would work. Since then, my sessions have been much more pleasant, and pain free. I have even had a couple of cosmetic procedures done — imagine! Ten years ago, there was no way I would have let anyone near my mouth unless it was absolutely critical. I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Walford, both as a dentist and as a person. Her staff have been with her a long time, and that is a tribute to her, I believe.

~ Rate MD